Sharing the Word on Bike Lanes

About 50 Algiers residents marched on Saturday (Aug. 7) in opposition to how Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s administration is redesigning many streets as part of its “Moving New Orleans – Bikes” policy.

Our Streets Our Choice Coalition volunteers on July 17 hit the streets in the Walnut Bend neighborhood, distributing flyers at residences and to motorists at MacArthur Boulevard and Holiday Drive.

Huntlee Village resident Christy Lynch and investigative journalist and American Zombie blogger Jason Berry teamed up to produce this video critique of Algiers’ bike lanes.

Litter is a fact of life in New Orleans, unfortunately. We hate to see it clutter the city’s new bike lanes. Anyone see Lil’ Sweepy? Or will volunteers have to clean up this spot, too? UPDATE! Less than 24 hours after we posted our video highlighting this litter-strewn patch of bike lane on which grass was growing in the accumulating mud, volunteers led by an Algiers bicycle rider shoveled the muck up. This brings to at least twice that our images have led bike lane supporters to take action and do the work the city government should be doing as part of its Moving New Orleans – Bikes program. We’ll keep an eye out for fouled bike lanes.